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1.Does the value of The Great HR Executive Program only apply in the US?2017-04-14T14:14:16-04:00

It applies anywhere people go to work. I have purposely excluded the conversation on compliance in this program. If you are a US executive I’ll send you a link to The Lawsuit Free Training I did.

There are plenty of great US compliance resources. I recommend ThinkHR.com. If you’re interested in that program let me know.

2.How long do I get access for?2017-12-11T10:14:25-05:00

For as long as the site remains active.

3.I love the program but I am feeling overwhelmed right now. What should I do?2017-12-11T10:16:07-05:00

I get it. Part of my goal with this program is to reduce your overwhelm and make you more valuable in the process. You will need to find at least two to three hours a week to implement this program for the 12 weeks. If you do that I promise it will improve your value as a human resource executive and reduce your overwhelm.

Remember you will have access for a full year. While you may not watch the weekly webinars in real time all will be recorded. You can go at your own pace…if you have to.

4.How many people can watch this training?2017-12-11T10:17:24-05:00

It is the understanding that anyone who goes through this program will pay a fee to do so. If you’re interested in multi-user discounts please let us know and we’ll arrange something.

5.What if I start the program and decide that it’s really not for me?2017-12-11T10:18:00-05:00

This program is not for everyone. You have to be committed to success. For those who have a “life event” or simply get weak knees, there is an unconditional 30-day guarantee. This will allow you to view the intro and the first three training modules. If you don’t think the program is for you at that point you can request a refund, no questions asked. After 30 days I will release all the remaining video lessons and give somebody refund but only if they can show me they got hit by a Mack Truck (metaphorically speaking). Or that they were under duress while making the purchase.

6.What support will you offer?2017-12-11T10:18:30-05:00

You will have customer support available for technical issues that may come up with the program. If you have subjective questions those will be directed to me. One reason we’re starting with only 100 participants so I can fully understand and respond to your concerns. I will also do a quick Q&A webinar with every module to support your efforts.

7. What if I have any other questions?2017-12-11T10:19:32-05:00

Email them directly to me at don@greathr.com and I’ll get right back to you.

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