Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. – Steve Jobs

Great work is expanding the influence of your job, going beyond what’s expected, and creating improvements that benefit others. – David Surt

Everyone can do more Great Work. – Michael Bungay Stanier

There is great opportunity in Great HR! – Don Phin (that’s me)

This website is about doing Great HR. That’s our work to be done. Where we put a dent in the universe. And the best thing about HR and what keeps me most motivated: it’s all about the people.

That’s right, HR is about serving people. Your goal is to be highly effective at serving people…in a way that utilizes your unique abilities and desires. It has to be your story of service.

But there are challenges- HR remains an under-valued opportunity at most companies. HR executives often feel overwhelmed, stressed and under-appreciated.  And…they are usually poorly managed and underpaid on top of it all. As I ask workshop participants: “Have you asked or a raise in the last 12 months?”. One out of ten raise their hand at most. Not good.

I aim to change that.

It does not have to be this way. There is an amazing opportunity in Great HR for career, personal and financial growth! There are thousands of HR executives who get this. They are that rare top 10% that have autonomy, authority and responsibility. They are on the leadership team and get paid well for it too.

The top 15 HR executives all made more than $3,000,000 in 2018! 3 million in HR!

Let that rattle around in your brain for a minute.

But it must be you that seizes this opportunity. That’s because nobody is coming to save you, or recognize how amazing you are. This is a story of your own making.

And I can show you exactly how to reframe your HR story. How to move past your own fragility and self-imposed limitations to an anti-fragile, well-paid and kick ass HR career!

Doing this will allow us really take care of people…including ourselves.

I invite you to check out the Great HR Program online and if by chance I’m presenting in your city I’d love to see you there.

Here’s to doing Great HR!

Don Phin, Esq.


“You cannot miss it – unbelievable info! This has almost all the items on my to-do list. So grateful I was able to be here. It was great! Take lots of notes. The program covers a lot of material.”

“Engaging, different approach to problems – no excuses – really have to look at yourself and how you can become better.”

“I think it’s viable for managers in general. Not just HR folks.”

“A really great program. I don’t think I’ve ever taken away in a 1-day class than I have today. It covered a great deal of information with a lot of innovative ideas. Very well put together.”

“I appreciate if the CEO – level prospective Don brings the various HR topics. Really emphasizes ways for HR people to be more strategic and add real value to the organization.”

“Very informative with excellent suggestions to create a fun work environment. Great info on the 40/40 method – personal, fun and amazing workshop.”

“Send your entire HR staff to this training.”

“Wish I had brought more people from work. Great presenter. Didn’t feel like it was an all-day training –”

“This training gave me the tools, knowledge and information about how to communicate strategically with the executives at my company. I will strongly encourage you to go.”

“Great content. Good mix of “hard” and “soft” skills and ideas. Good suggestions on what to do, not just good information without applicable ideas.”

“Full day of well minded discussion from onboarding, retention, relationships.”

“Relevant, practical and directed at the right level as a senior HR leader. Powerful at both the personal and professional level. I would encourage any other HR leader to attend. If invited, I will definitely attend again!”

“Very good overview – well worth the time away. Do it!”

“Don Phin is a great presenter with very timely relevant HR info. He gives you information you can put to use immediately.”

“Relevant materials, so worth the time, immediate actionable items – big picture and tactical tools throughout.”

“You have to experience it, different, important, invokes new thoughts and ideas.”

“One of the best HR conferences I have attended. Causes self-evaluation. Created different perspectives when viewing HR functions. Don is an engaging presenter.”

“The program integrates the factual and emotional sides of being an HR executive. The material was broad but informative. I got a lot out of this workshop – he packed in a lot of information in a very structured way.”

“I would have had others here if I knew it would be this good! Don presented very engaging thought provoking material. I enjoyed the “uncomfortable” conversation as it makes you pay attention. Good program to get you thinking outside the box, break out of the funk.”

“Engaging speaker, quick pace, great use of time, Don is real and direct and doesn’t sugarcoat it and I love that! One of the best workshops I’ve attended.”

“Incredibly useful, chockfull of great ideas.”

“Highly Recommended!”

“A lot to think about. Good ideas.”

“Great program with ideas of how to make HR great.”

“Don is great speaker who kept me entertained. It shows how you as a whole person affect your workplace and the kind of HR executive you are.”

“Don Phin is great. Great info, very valuable information.”

“Great seminar. I kick ass in HR!”

“It was nice to talk about how to improve myself rather than just “compliance, compliance, compliance”. Take this cause as soon as possible.”

“Well worth the time. I came out of the training with renew desire and many ideas to accelerate my company and HR career.”

“This is a great program that provides a broad overview of HR by explaining why HR should matter in every company. Don also provides great take aways for each topic and explains everything in simple terms.”

“This seminar gave tools and information on how HR should run and be a critical part of the executive team. This will get you re-energized and excited about HR and the potential of this department. We have so far to go and so much we can do.”

“Don doesn’t baby us or allow us to be victims. He knows how to encourage people to take control of their careers and own the results. Check it out.”

“Best I have ever attended – provided the most applicable value add, engaging and extremely useful.”

“Tons of fantastic, educational information! More than I expected to learn or hear.”

“This program allows you to focus on yourself! Too many times we focus only on learning the latest laws, etc. and not enough time on our own development.”

“If you’re open to learn and willing to have your belief system challenged, come!”

“Big help at looking at things we can improve on. How we can become better HR. How we connect with others. How we can get others motivated and encouraged.”

“Mr. Phin’s experience and presence added a lot to the material. I appreciate his straight forward delivery. It was very beneficial and helped me to think about my role differently. Very helpful, informative and valuable. I am grateful to be part of today.”

“A lot of take-aways that your HR team can implement immediately. Invest in your HR team with this program.”

“Gets you thinking outside of the box. Gives you creative ideas. Don Phin keeps you interested.”

“Really great. :)”

“Useful take-aways. I can use material immediately. Honest, straightforward, inspiring!”

“Must take it! Provide a great idea in tools to take back in implementing the workplace. Presenter was very engaging! This was an amazing seminar I would recommend to any HR professional.”

“I wish that our VP of global HR would have attended! Well worth whatever his fee is! “Must go.””

“Very well rounded seminar. Something to learn at every level.”

“It was very engaging. The material was great. Don was a great presenter. 10/10 would recommend.”

“Loved it! Worth the time to recharge and remember why you went into HR and that you can make a difference in the workplace.”

“As a non-HR executive this program was extremely helpful in better understanding both HR as a function and how to work with my own teams.”

“The program is thorough and applicable to people at all levels in HR. Along with the tools included you will walk away with an amazing HR tool kit.”

“You should have been here!”

“This program has been beneficial to me on a professional and personal level. The tools provided will be very useful when creating new processes and procedures. Staying in tune with emotional intelligence and learning the material is life changing.”

“I would definitely recommend this program to my executive and others, especially about the soft skills and other EQ.”