In 2014 I sold my company HR That Works to ThinkHR where I remained on in a V.P. role for two years. I helped design a number of training programs and tools including the 50 State Employee handbook. I love this company and this program.

Think HR merged with Mammoth HR and has been rebranded as Mineral. I decided to become a partner so you can access the program as an individual company directly from me!

Here’s a brochure about Mineral.

Below is a video that does a good job of explaining what you get with the program. Let me know if interested in learning more!

For a 40-minute deep dive into all that Mineral offers, please watch this video

Mineral has four basic components to it:

  1. The amazing HR Hotline – Mineral’s hotline staff answers more HR questions every day than anyone. Their team of SPHR’s and PHR’s do a great job. If you have an HR question your answer is a phone call or email away. And, they answer very promptly. Here’s my promise to you – if their response still leaves you wondering about what to do you can contact me and I will help you out!
  2. Comply – This is their award winning compliance portal. It has all the employment laws you’ll ever need to access as well as many policies, tools and checklists. It also has the 50 State Employee Handbook Builder and Compliance Calendar.
  3. Learn – This is Mineral’s Learning Management System (LMS). It is a low cost way to train employees on compliance topics such as sexual harassment and OSHA as well as hundreds of other titles. To see the list of training topics click here.
  4. Insight – This is how Mineral helps keep you informed about the laws and regulations you need to know through their excellent newsletters and HRCI/SHRM certified webinars.

Access to Mineral is very reasonable. I don’t publicize the pricing to maintain integrity with our partners. As a bonus, anyone who signs up for a year will receive the GreatHR program free. Such a deal!

Don with ThinkHR's original CEO, Pete Yozzo

Here's what others have said about the program:

“I love the compliance calendar to remind us of upcoming compliance issues that we have deadlines for. I can't wait to use the Employee Handbook section to update our handbook and the job description builder to bring all of our job descriptions up to date. Love the Management Forms! I already see several of the form samples that we can use.”

“The interface is pretty nice, and it's good to be able to have multiple users and levels. There are a lot of different courses to choose from in a variety of different departments as well as some that span across the whole company, such as Safety and Wellness.”

“This software offers a wide variety of topics in which to train employees, from basic tips on time management and productivity to important issues like armed intruder or fire safety.”

“Constantly adding new content, very relevant to what’s going on in the world of HR. With a fast past environment and running a business in California, the laws are always changing and HR professionals are already slammed with work, it’s nice to get this information at my fingertips.”

“I like the variety of courses which provide the basic materials needed for our staff. It provides our group with the overview most need within their first 90 days as an employee. We don't have to bombard them all at once, we can assign a few items at a time.”

“This program has everything I could ask for in assisting me with all things HR. Take the time to review the site. You will find that this website is invaluable and a must have tool in handling all of your HR issues.”

“I like that I can manage all of our locations in different states all on one website. With all state's laws being different, it can be tricky to know whether your policies for one state are good enough to comply with another state's.”

Contact Don Phin at don@donphin.com or (619) 852-4580 (PST).

YES I am interested, Please contact me if you need more information.